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What is Anemia? Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Symptoms, Causes and treatment of Anemia

Anemia is a deadly disease, 50% of people worldwide suffer from it. This problem can happen to a person of any age due to a lack of hemoglobin and iron. This disease is caused by jaundice, excessive bleeding, lack of nutritious elements in food or not eating green leafy vegetables if the person The possibility of anemia increases even when someone is going through a long illness.

If there is not enough blood in your body, then the various parts of the body are not sufficient. Which does not get oxygen Tra person face to fatigue, weakness, dizziness, irritability and more problems |

Many people have anemia since childhood, many people are genetic. Anemia in pregnancy is a normal thing that can be corrected by improving certain medicines and proper diet. Let’s know

Main causes of anemia :

  • Lack of nutrients in food or not eating green leafy vegetables.
  • Pregnancy or having pregnancy time.
  • Stomach bug.
  • Excessive bleeding during periods.
  • During prolonged illness.
  • Causes of cancer, hemorrhoids, ulcers or jaundice.
  • Heredity.
  • Due to deep injury in the body, a lot of blood flows due to which there is a lack of blood.

Main symptoms of anemia :

  • Skin whitening.
  • Stay tired all the time and losing his/her strength day by day.
  • dizziness
  • Flatulence
  • Whitening of nails
  • Irritability
  • To cure anemia, you can complete anemia i.e. anemia, by taking some of the following home remedies along with medicines.
  • Breathing starts walking a little.
  • Chest pain starts and the person does not feel like doing anything.
  • Eye problems such as sleeplessness or blurred vision.

Home remedies to overcome anemia :

Intake of green leafy vegetable:

To meet the iron deficiency in the body, consume as many green vegetables as possible. To increase the amount of iron in the body, green vegetables should be cooked by eating vegetables especially spinach in an iron pan. Along with spinach, you can also make its juice or soup and drink it.

Wash the spinach leaves, add a glass of water and grind them in the mixer, then add honey, lemon and light salt, drink it, remember that after drinking this soup, do not eat anything for one to two hours.

Banana :

Banana should be consumed regularly to make up for the deficiency of iron folate. Bananas are rich in potassium, magnesium, and vitamin C. In the morning breakfast, you can eat bananas, if you consume honey with bananas, then the icing on the bed is done. Do this regularly in a few days, the blood in the body gets replenished.

Pomegranate :

It is advisable to eat pomegranate when there is a lack of blood as it creates red blood cells in the body and the vitamin C present in it increases the immunity of the body. You can peel a pomegranate and eat grains directly or else Drink pomegranate juice regularly, anemia is cured within a few days.

Copper pot water :

If the amount of copper in the body will be sufficient, then the risk of anemia deficiency is reduced by 50%. Copper, the copper vessel, contains a special nutrient that does not allow the lack of blood in the body. To maintain its quantity in the body, fill water in a copper vessel at night, wake up in the morning and consume this water on an empty stomach.

Whole grain bread :

Eating whol- grain bread is very beneficial to overcome the deficiency of anemia because it contains phytic acid which prevents the absorption of iron in the body and helps us in increasing the amount of iron.

Honey and lemon :

People suffering from obesity consume honey and lemon in the morning, but it keeps the body fit as well as an iron deficiency because honey is a good source of iron, copper, and magnesium and lemon is vitamin C. Together, this two help us in getting rid of anemia.

Apple :

It is said that eating an apple daily, shoo the doctor away, eating one apple daily does not cause blood loss in the body. Apples contain iron and vitamin C which helps in the formation of red blood cells in the body. Anemia patients make a habit of eating one apple a day without peeling.

Carrot and beet :

Carrots and beetroot contain iron, it activates red blood cells, which makes them faster and the blood gets replenished in the body. You can also take beets and carrots as vegetables or you can make them and drink them.

Soybean :

Anemia patients must include soybean in their diets. Soybean is rich in iron and protein, it fulfills the lack of blood in the body, you can also use soybean butter.

Tomato juice :

Including tomatoes in your regular diet helps to complete anemia. Tomato contains vitamin C, you can use it as a raw salad or by making soup.

Jaggery and gram :

The best way to cure anemia is to consume jaggery and gram and by using it regularly, blood loss in the body is completed very soon.

Almond :

Almonds are a good source of iron. Soak about 8 to 10 almonds in the water at night to complete the lack of blood, wake them up in the morning and eat them with peels and also drink their water. In winter, eat almonds directly with hot milk instead of soaked almonds, by doing this regularly, anemia disease is cured very soon.

Anemia prevention tips :

  • It is better to avoid any disease than to treat it.
  • Do not use tea and coffee much because these things absorb the iron from the body.
  • Be sure to include sprouted grains such as moong, moth, and gram in your daily diet.
  • Eat seasonal fruits like apples, oranges, carrots, beets, papaya, mosami, etc. to remove anemia in the body.
  • Be sure to include green leafy vegetables in your diet, because green vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals, protein, calcium, magnesium, etc., which do not allow blood loss in the body.


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