Most Polluted areas in India of 2019.


Hello friends, My name is Anjali Arora. Welcome to my Blog. As you know it is my health blog for your care and only for your concern. Today I am going to tell you about the Most Polluted Areas in India after Diwali.

As you all know how much pollution is increasing in all the places around us. And the government is not taking any steps for this. We have to think about this and take care of ourselves.

So friends, if you want to avoid pollination and take care of your health, then you have to take care of the environment around you and avoid getting contaminated.

If even one guy will step forward in doing this, then everyone will start doing this by looking at him. We should all together remove pollution.

Today I am going to tell you about the Polluted areas in India of 2019. Many of the cities of India is worst Polluted. You will get shocked to know about this.


Delhi Pollution 2019:


Since Diwali, people of Delhi-NCR, who have been struggling with severe pollution, are currently not getting relief. The slow-moving winds from Saturday evening have increased the troubles of crores of people. In fact, with slow running air, pollution particles have come down to the atmosphere.

People have complained of breathing with irritation in the eyes. At the same time, air pollution deepened in Delhi-NCR with dust particles has reduced visibility significantly. Visibility was observed in many areas from 700 to 1000 meters.

Earlier, there was news of relief for the people of NCR along with Delhi, a gas chamber formed on Saturday when the wind had picked up speed amid the light drizzle. While light breeze continues to run from Saturday evening, it is also blowing on Sunday morning and a light drizzle is also occurring in many NCR areas including Gurugram, Faridabad. There is also news of light rain in Noida. According to the latest information, rain is currently closed in many places, but the sky is cloudy.


Polluted Areas of Haryana 2019:

Air pollution in Haryana has reached a dangerous state. On Saturday, Haryana was among the most polluted states across the country. The air quality in all the cities has gone from very poor to ‘severe’ category.

Most of the districts became gas chambers. At the same time, Hisar ranked first among the most polluted cities in the country. The situation has become like an emergency.

The situation was so bad that visibility dropped to less than 150 meters during the day. The smog was so deep in the atmosphere that Harsack’s site could not even see the fire areas.

In Hisar, the district administration had to spray water during the day and issue advisory not to play outside the children’s home. It became difficult for people to breathe not only outside, indoors and even in offices. Due to irritation in the eyes, people rubbed their eyes all day.


Fatehabad: Stubble burning due to air pollution

Fatehabad: The level of air pollution in Fatehabad, Haryana has reached its maximum level. The situation remains very dangerous. The smoke emanating from the burning straw has taken the entire city into its limelight. The condition of the people living here is getting worse and worse.

People have started reaching hospitals with problems like throat pain, eye irritation, shortness of breath. The pollution level in Fatehabad has also crossed 470. This situation is being described as very dangerous. Of this, farmers get about 20 lakhs. Penalty notices have been sent. 1.07 lakhs of fine from 43 farmers. Recovery has also been done.


Hisar Worst Among Polluted in Haryana:

Dangerous pollution is spread in the city of Hisar, Haryana for 2 days. It is becoming difficult to get out of the house of the people because due to fire in a nearby village, this pollution is slowly increasing in cities too. Despite the fire in such a large area, the government did not take any step, only 2 fire brigades were sent to extinguish the fire.

From which he could not completely extinguish the fire and Pollution continued to grow. In today’s time, the government is becoming more careless.


Panipat Air Pollution:

Pollution has reached an acritical level in 5 districts of the state due to the stubble burning in the fields after fireworks and more vehicles coming out on the roads after a 3-day holiday. On Wednesday, the Quality of Air Index (AQI) in Panipat recorded a maximum of 500 micrograms. People also feel difficulty in breathing due to this. Burning eyes.


Gurugram:110 factories closed in the district

The air of Millennium City Gurugram was the most poisonous on November 1 in the last four years. On Friday, air levels were recorded nine times worse than normal. During the day the mist was covered with dust and smoke particles flying in the sky. People did not get to see the sun. Due to bad wind, people in the city have increased their troubles.

The city was in a day of smog: Millennium City recorded an air quality index of 469 on Friday. PM 2.5, 201.67 was recorded. Which increased the amount of dust and smoke particles in the air. Because of this, there was a mist in the sky. The sun did not show all day.

Due to which people had to face heavy problems. However, Delhi-NCR had the lowest air quality index as compared to other cities. The highest recorded in Noida was 499.

Other Haryana cities that recorded very poor included Kurukshetra at 389, Jind 374, Hisar 370, Faridabad 368 and Yamunanagar 340. The use of firecrackers went largely unchecked in Haryana and t the 10pm deadline was flouted openly. “


What is P.m?

Particulate matter ie PM-10: are particles whose diameter is 10 micrograms per cubic meter. These particles affect oxygen in the air. When the level of these particles increases in the air, problems in breathing, irritation in the eyes, etc. begin to occur. In addition to thunderstorms, due to the rise of PM-10 level, there is also arson, smoke coming out of factories, etc.


Haryana is Most Polluted in India:

Hisar on Saturday ranked first among the country’s most polluted cities. Here at 11 am the Air Quality Index (AQI) was 855 micrograms per cubic meter, the highest.

If we look at the average figures, AQI in Hisar stood at 495 micrograms per cubic meter. Fatehabad recorded the second-highest pollution rate of 497 micrograms per cubic meter.

Due to this level of pollution in both cities of the state, the city had visibility up to 60 meters. Flights from Hisar to Chandigarh have also been canceled for the last 11 days due to reduced visibility.

The cause of more pollution than Delhi in Haryana is due to the winds coming from Punjab at a speed of three kilometers per hour.

In fact, crops are being burnt in 80 percent of the farms in Punjab. This information is being received after the data of the fire burning monitoring system. Crops are also being burnt in parts of Haryana adjoining Punjab.


Pollution level in Haryana:

Ambala – 376 (PM 2.5)

Bahadurgarh – 264 (PM 2.5)

Ballabgarh – 395 (PM 10)

Bhiwani – 378 (PM 2.5)

Faridabad – 404 (PM 2.5)

Fatehabad – 493 (PM 10)

Gurugram – 364 (PM 2.5)

Hisar – 495 (PM 2.5)

Jind – 459 (PM 2.5)

Kaithal- 408 (PM 10)

Pollution-free City:


Doctors are also considering this situation very bad for a healthy man. Doctors advise that people should not leave their homes in such a situation.

Heart and respiratory patients should always keep their medicines with them because, in these circumstances, an emergency situation can occur at any time. At the same time, school-going children are also suffering due to the ever-increasing pollution.

In the morning, the level of pollution is very high due to moisture and smoke. Due to this, small children are also at risk of getting diseases.

Today, children have been seen going to school wearing masks on their mouths. School children said that due to pollution, their eyes are badly jealous. It is also difficult for them to sit in school and study.

Headache is also increasing after burning in the eyes. Experts believe that for the last two days there has been an increase in the cases of burning stubble. The farmers want to destroy the starch in their fields.


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