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How to lose fat in the Human Body 2020

Hello friends, My name is Anjali Arora. Welcome to my health blog. Today I am going to tell you how to lose fat in the human body. In today’s time, everyone is troubled by the problem of obesity. Everyone wants to lose weight. So read my article to know the ways to lose weight.

Today I am going to tell you something about the problems during heavy fat. I know some of the humans are suffering from nutrition and some are suffering from fatty problems.

The fatty body is very dangerous for our health. So if you want to control your fat please read this article. I hope it is very beneficial for your health. So, please read how to lose fat in the human body and share with everyone about weight loss problems.

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How to lose fat in face?


Some times, the beauty and beauty of the body is left behind, when the fatness on the face increases. Although there is no physical discomfort due to the fat deposited on the face, when people are not attracted to you, due to having a thick face, then the mind definitely suffers.

In today’s time, the solution to each of these problems is found in the market, but the solution is very expensive, so some people cannot try them.

So we will tell you some home remedies that will be in your budget as well and you can easily do them at home and you will see their effect.

1. Facial Massage.
2. Chew Chingam.
3. Take calcium diet at breakfast.
4. Eat less salt.
5. Drink plenty of water.
6. Get plenty of sleep.
7. Do Facial Yoga.



Daily diet table of the obese patient:


Morning Lemon+1 Glass Lukewarm water+2 Spoon Honey.
Breakfast Nectar diets (sprouted mung + fenugreek) or a seasonal fruit or a glass of juice
Afternoon Coarse flour
Lunch food Bread 1 or 2, boiled green vegetables (Loki, Tinda, Luffa, Parwal, etc.) without chili spices, salad, a glass of buttermilk.
Evening food Lemon+ 1 glass warm water+ 2 spoon honey vegetable soup.
Dinner Same as lunch.


Symptoms of Heavy fat: Obesity


Obesity is considered a gift of modern civilization. This is the disease of such people, who have no place of labor in life. People become obese due to wrong habits of food, living, and ethics by getting entangled in the web of material comforts.

The rapidly increasing number of overweight patients shows that we are becoming by nature and the effect of negative changes in our lifestyle is increasing.

Today children, youth, women, and adults are all seen as obese. Obesity can be controlled effectively through the integrated use of yoga and natural medicine.


  • Body fat, unsightly and unformed (imbalance in length and weight ratio).
  • Feeling tired with a little hard work.
  • Sweating profusely.
  • Pain in body parts-sufferers.
  • Increase in laziness.
  • Lack of excitement (damp down).
  • Get more sleep.


Causes of Heavy fat:

According to the Yoga and Naturopathy system, obesity is a by-product of changes in our lifestyle. The main reasons for this can be any of the following:

  • Disorders of the Digestive Institute.
  • Lack of hard work.
  • Laziness and a comfortable lifestyle.
  • Lack of exercise.
  • Imbalance in food.
  • Eating without need.
  • Excess intake of heavy and oily food.
  • Heredity
  • Lack of proper food assimilation.


Sometimes, obesity also increases due to the consumption of drugs. In some patients, irregularity of thyroid gland secretion is also the cause of obesity.

Not only this, due to obesity, the chances of getting some other diseases like high blood pressure, heart disease, rheumatism, and diabetes increases manifold.

Nowadays, the use of so-called fast food and junk food is increasing the incidence of obesity among children. Sitting in front of the television and lack of exercise is a big reason.


Refined carbohydrates are another name for obesity:

Research published in the American General of Nutrition states that the so-called high glycemic foods affect the brain in such a way that some people are motivated to overeat it.

Here the question arises that all calories are created equal. Are all calories made equal- If a new study is considered then this is not true in an important case?

According to this research, sugar-rich foods, drinks, white bread, and other processed carbohydrates, cause them to eat. Processed carbohydrates are believed to have the ability to accelerate and fall in blood sugar quickly.

People suffering from suitable effects need refined carbohydrates. This reduces their will power to eat, thus helping them to control weight.

This research suggests that the brain does not have the same calories due to its lack of digestive function. Every person who eats processed carbohydrates does not desire a controlled diet but those who are struggling with overweight, especially our modern In the environment and by not controlling their own will, they will definitely consume refined carbohydrates in limited quantity would benefit.


Reduce fat:

In addition to increasing blood sugar, sugar-rich foods, which also contain more calories, cause strange reactions in certain areas of the brain.

Amazing studies conducted earlier have shown that eating a piece of Ananda Kendra chocolate cake shines more than eating vegetables and other dull foods.

This activity is more in the brain of obese people than thin people. But the question is whether Sweet Desert has the ability to change our long-term eating habits.

To get the right information about this, a dozen people were selected and they were given milkshake on 2 different occasions at intervals of several weeks. Both the cases milkshakes were made in the same way i.e. they were milked from vanilla. The same amount of calories, carbohydrates, protein, and fat were. But on one occasion shake, high glycemic corn syrup was made and on another occasion flame, glycemic carbohydrates syrup was used.

These tests were similar in appearance and taste. Volunteers did not have a preference for one or the other shake. As expected, blood sugar levels in high glycemic milkshakes increased very rapidly, but the researchers were particularly interested in knowing what happens after a few hours – they wanted to know how the condition of all the volunteers was till lunch.

Researchers have found that four hours after drinking a high glycemic shake, the blood sugar level reached the hypoglycemic range, and the valentines were feeling more hungry. After scanning the brain, it was found that the part of the brain that regulates desire, fruit and addiction behavior was more active.

Although the number of volunteers was quite small, each of the volunteers reacted the same. Also, in both cases, there was a difference in blood circulation in these areas of the brain, which was also very important.

Many hours after consuming high glycemic foods, a person’s desire to eat increases. He starts over-eating, which increases his weight. Therefore, there is a great sense to avoid refined carbohydrates to control weight.


Different types of therapy for losing fat:


  • Compound therapy:- Compound therapy is extremely effective in controlling obesity. Such patients should practice Kunjal and Shikhaprahalana.

The regular practice of Surya Namaskar along with Tadasana, Katichkrasana, Padhasthasana, Sarvangasana, Halasana, Bhujangasana, Dhanurasana, Paschimottanasana, Matsyasana, Ardhamatsyendrasana, and Ustrasana is quite beneficial for such patients. Suryabhedi and Bhastrika Pranayama are considered extremely beneficial in the prevention of this disease. In the morning, patients should start their daily routine with a quick walk.


  • Naturopathy:- Obesity patients should give enough space to their work and exercise in their daycare. From the point of view of natural remedies, such patients are advised to use soil bandage, enema, steam bath 1-2 times a week as well as katisnan. Apart from this, using a full tub bath, sunbath, hot foot bath and full body massage from time to time is also beneficial. Swimming also helps in reducing obesity.


  • Diet therapy:- The best treatment to overcome obesity is less food and more exercise. According to this theory, obesity patients should determine their daily routine. Obese patients should start their treatment with juice.

On the days of Rasahar, a glass of water mixed with half a lemon of Rus should be drunk 3-4 times a day. After consuming juice, one-time fruit and one-time porridge and vegetable should be taken for one week. After this, the bread and thick green vegetables including coarse bran should be brought to a normal diet.

This process should be repeated every 15 days. Such patients should prioritize fruits, vegetables, salads, and nectar diets in their diet and confine the use of sweets and sweet and oily things. If it is skewed, it would be excellent.


Medical precautions:-


  • Obesity can be controlled effectively through the integrated use of Yoga and Naturopathy. There is a need to bring positive changes in our food, living, and thinking.
  • Daily open-air jogging, yoga exercises, a balanced and controlled natural diet, and hard-to-use routine are simple and easy ways to get rid of obesity.
  • Yoga practices and natural remedies mentioned in medicine can also be done at home under the guidance of a skilled yoga and naturopathy. But it would be appropriate to first stay in a naturopathy center and stay for a few days.
  • Many times the patient suffers from obesity along with many other disorders like asthma, diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure, etc. In such a situation, the physician should undergo a thorough examination and carefully make his medical and dietary order and ensure its adherence.


The purpose of the published material is to orient these methods to obese patients by giving information about the methods used in Yoga and Naturopathy. Obesity patients are advised to determine the appropriate medical and dietary order for themselves under the guidance of a qualified naturopath and yoga expert.






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