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How to increase height and some ways to increase height 2020

Hello friends, as you all know how many problems of height are going on at this time, especially with girls, this problem remains that their height remains small.

In today’s post, I will tell you how to increase  height and the easy ways in which you can increase your small height.

It is not at all like that no one likes to ask or re-talk to the small height people, but nowadays anyone comes taunting about the small height and sometimes the joke gets so much that the front person feels bad Nobody thinks about it.

Some people believe that height increases after one age. Like the height stops growing after 18 years but nothing like this happens.

If you feel that after an age your height has stopped increasing due to some reason, then today I am going to tell you how to increase the height, which can help you and you can increase your height even more.

Table of contents:

  1. Length preventing factors.
  2. Easy ways to increase the length.
  3. Natural ways to increase the length


How to increase your height?

In our society, beauty is measured in different ways and height is also one of them. Whether it is a boy or a girl, everyone wants a long height because the length works to enhance your personality.

Everyone is excited to get good height, so everyone with a long height is the center of attraction in the eyes of everyone, but this also does not mean that the short height is not beautiful or attracts, in fact, the shorter height people are cuter.

Having a longer height and a shorter height is a point to demotivate yourself because neither high height attracts nor short height makes some people joke.

Being good height also increases self-confidence and height increases with human growth, the height of girls usually stops increasing by the age of 14. How good is your height, sometimes it depends on your parents and Some people also use different types of medicines to increase the height, which is harmful to your body.

Now the question comes that how to increase the height of your body, if the question comes to your mind that there is a natural way to increase the height, then the answer is yes. In this post, we will tell you how to get taller and will give full information about it.


Reasons affecting Height:

Your height will be small or big, it mainly depends on 2 reasons like genetic and non-genetic which I am going to tell you further.

Genetic: Our length depends to some extent on genes. If one’s family is short, then their children may also be short. Although this does not happen in every case, it is more likely to happen. We must admit that the genetic factor is not in our hands. It has been found that a 60-70 percent difference in height is genetic.

You can measure your approximate height in this way:

  • You add the height of your parents in inches or centimeters.
  • If you are a male, add five inches to it and if you are a female, reduce it by five inches.
    Now whatever number comes, divide it by two.
  • The figure that comes after this may be your estimated height. Four inches of it may be more or less.


Non-genetic: Non-genetic factors can be of many types, which prevent growth in height.

  • Lack of nutritious elements in food.
  • Avoiding physical activity.
  • Do not pay attention to the right posture while getting up, sitting and walking.
  • Suffering from a serious illness in childhood.
  • Mentally unwell in adolescence.
  • Where we are living and how the environment is there, it can also affect the height.
  • A decrease in thyroid hormones and growth hormones can also have an effect on increasing height.
  • Going to the gym at an early age also prevents the weight from lifting weights.


Home Remedies to increase height:

  • Food and Drinks:

As you all know junk food is harmful to us in every way, so if you want to be healthy, then start taking home and nutritious food and stay away from useless food items. Food and drink put an effect on your length, if your food is healthy then your growth is also good.

To increase the length, you need minerals like potassium magnesium and calcium, when it comes to fruits, making is the best mineral source and it also tastes great and it also helps to increase your height. So you should definitely include banana in your food if you eat green vegetables like greens, then you will get dietary fiber which increases your HGH ie human growth hormones.


  • Get plenty of sleep:

Good food, exercise, and yoga along with full sleep are also important for us for the overall development of the body. It is believed that when we are in deep sleep, human growth hormones are produced naturally in our bodies at that time.

At the same time, it is considered necessary for children to get 8–11 hours of sleep every night to get a good length. One thing to note here, whether children or adults, everyone should sleep in a quiet environment to get enough sleep. This gives the body complete rest and produces good tissue.


  • Stay in the right posture:

The posture of the body also plays an important role in getting tall. Therefore, children should be taught to get up and sit and walk in the correct posture from the beginning. Not only children, but everyone’s posture must be correct. With this, you will not only look tall but will also look beautiful and confident. Here we are telling how you can keep your posture right:

  1. While walking you have to take care that your shoulders are not bent, if your waist is straight, then your height will look long.
  2. When sitting in a chair or anywhere, your waist should always be straight.
  3. A good quality pillow and mattress should be used while sleeping because it also has a significant effect on your body.


  • Say no to alcohol and tobacco:
                                   Consuming alcohol, tobacco, and smoking is not good in any way. Consuming this messes up the immune system and adversely affects the digestive system. Consumption of alcohol does not allow muscles to develop properly and the body does not get enough protein.

Also, growth hormones are also affected. As we have mentioned earlier in this article that growth hormones are produced naturally at bedtime, but these hormones do not develop due to the consumption of alcohol. As a result, the body does not develop properly


Natural ways to increase height:

  • Excessive use of water:

You all know that drinking water is very good for our health, but you must be wondering what is the connection of water to our height, then I will remove your confusion too, water is very much important part in our physical development.

Contributes People who drink less water have developmental problems in their body since childhood. Excessive use of water removes many diseases of the body and at the same time removes toxic particles from the body. Therefore water is beneficial for us in every way. We should drink a good amount of water daily during winter or summer.

  • Exercise and Yoga:

Length can also be increased by yoga and exercise. Exercise and Yoga should be done regularly to increase length. Pull up exercise is better to increase height, if you pull up daily then it makes your shoulders, hands, and wrists strong.

Exercise keeps your body fit, which is very beneficial for your health. To increase the length, Tadasana should be done which will be of great benefit. Talking about increasing the height, hanging action is an important hand in increasing the length of our body. The world’s best experts say that the gravity of the earth has a negative effect on your length, but if you hang the deli, then that action reduces that negative effect.

  • Way of walking and sleeping:

For good height, you have to keep the right way of walking, sitting and sleeping. Often, people do not notice that their body is in an inappropriate position while sleeping. Which can be a hindrance in the length of your body. Therefore, one should sleep in a straight posture. Head and neck should not be bent while walking.

  • Avoid stress:

The root cause of almost every problem is stress. The more you stay away from it, the better. It is also said that worry is the same as a pyre. The hormones in our bodies are badly affected due to our stress. Growth hormone is also one of them, that is why it is better to live with stress and be seen with full self-confidence

  • Clothes can increase height:

It is true that there are some clothes which can affect your height as well, as if talking about girls, they will note that instead of jeans, their height looks longer in the suit as it would with boys also.The color of the clothes also affects the height, as if the color of the clothes is different, then the person appears divided into 2 parts so his height seems less. Also, the design and fitting also have an effect on height, so the clothes should be loose and not loose.


How to increase height after age 18?

Some people believe that after one age, our height stops increasing, but if it were true then after that age our height along with other types of physical development should stop increasing but not Happen. If we take care of ourselves properly and take care of our bodies, then our height can increase even after 18,21 or 25.

This is true to some extent as their length cannot increase after one age, but in today’s time, this is not completely true. Whether or not your height will increase depends on your genes, ie your height will be according to the height of your mother and father.

But this is not completely correct because in some cases your height may be higher or lower than your parents, so we can consider this to a large extent.90% of your chances depend on your parents to grow your height, but the remaining 10% depends on your habits, exercise and eating habits.

Scientists have proved that the pressure in your reed bone comes from being bent or sitting, due to which there may be a problem in increasing your height, so if you also have a habit of walking or sitting. So try to leave this habit slowly.


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