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Know how thin girls can gain weight?

How to gain weight for thin girls?

Hello friends. Today I am going to tell you how thin girls can gain weight. Because every girl wants a healthy life and a healthy personality.

It is a dream for every woman or girl to be fit, many times losing excess weight can also be a health problem. Girls or women who have lost weight right from the beginning may also have this problem, but if you are fit and are losing weight quickly, then they should have a hypothyroid test because the weight in the hypothyroid is very low.

Every woman wants to look slim, but if you are too slim or say zero size waist, then you are a victim of thinness. Such women are also afraid to go to the wedding function because they know that there will be a reason to joke there, so she slowly starts to become confident. Many times, even after taking good food, weight does not increase, but they do not need to be discouraged, today we are going to tell you some home remedies that will help to increase the weight of lean women.

Some home remedies for weight gain in women :

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  • Matsyasan yoga for women to gain weight :

Many diseases can be overcome with yoga, in the same way, leanness is also a kind of disease. Matsyasana makes our digestive system better by increasing the absorption of nutrition in the body. Matsyasana yoga is done for problems related to the thyroid. Sometimes weight loss can be caused by the thyroid. The thyroid is of two types Hyperthyroid and Hypothyroid. Hyperthyroid increases weight continuously and its reversal in hypothyroid means weight loss. If your weight loss is due to hypothyroid, then this yoga is very beneficial for you.

  • Women should consume milk honey to gain weight : Women should use milk and honey to increase their weight. Drink a spoonful of honey in a glass of milk with full cream at bedtime, you will feel the difference in your weight in about 30 days.
  • Use peanuts to gain weight : If you want to increase your weight quickly, then consume peanuts. Peanuts are also known as dry food in winter. Peanuts contain fatty acids, proteins, minerals, and high-calorie intake. Eating about 50 to 60 grams of peanuts will increase your weight in 30 days.
  • Shake making a home remedy for the weight gain of female : If you are addicted to drinking tea or are fond of drinking tea, then make two times instead of tea and make a shake. Banana shake has a lot of calories which will help you gain weight. Conversely, tea causes hunger and the digestive system also becomes weak and becomes a problem of constipation, acidity, so whenever you want to drink tea, make a banana shake.
  • Eat more protein : Consuming regular protein items gives the body energy. Along with calories, protein is also needed to gain weight. Amino acids are found in plenty in protein, muscle weakness is overcome by intake of protein. Protein-rich items like eggs, lentils, sprouted grains, dairy products, etc. should be consumed every day.
  • Increase food intake : If you eat food three times a day, then eat four to five times in its place. Eating too much food once can damage the digestive system. Keep eating something once in a while, it keeps the body energetic. Do not eat junk food or unhealthy at all because of some food, whenever fruits feel light-hearted, eat fruit, butter, bread, dry fruits or peanut butter.
  • Increase your appetite : If you feel hungry then it is natural for you to lose weight. Exercise 30 to 40 minutes per day to increase your appetite, even after eating dinner, you should definitely walk a little bit.
  • Stomach problems :

Make sure to check with a good doctor that you do not have problems with stomach worms, if there are bugs in the stomach, then you do not even drink or drink and your weight will also be reduced. To remove stomach worms and increase appetite, eat black pepper, black salt on tomatoes on an empty stomach in the morning, stomach worms will die in a few days and the hunger will start.

  • Stay stress-free to gain weight :

Extreme mental stress is also a major cause of weight gain. Play your favorite games or listen to songs for some time without taking much mental trouble, you will get rid of stress. Take 8 to 10 hours of sleep every day.

  • Ashwagandha :
    Drink half a teaspoon of ashwagandha powder in a glass of warm milk at bedtime at night. Ashwagandha is a weight-gain Ayurvedic medicine, it increases weight gain as well as relieves stomach problems. By regularly consuming this milk, your weight will start increasing gradually.

Weight gain diet chart for weight gain :

{6:00 to 7:00 a.m} Drink almond milkshake before breakfast.

  • {Breakfast 8:00 a.m.} at breakfast :

You can also prepare khichdi or porridge by adding butter bread, omelet or different vegetables.

Two parathas or two chapattis can be eaten with vegetables.

  • 10:00. 11:00 a.m :

You can drink a glass of yogurt lassi, milkshake or any protein shake

  • Lunch {lunch 1:00 to 2:00 p.m.} :

One bowl of rice, one bowl of vegetables, lentils, two bread, curd, cucumber in the salad, tomatoes, cabbage, carrots, onions must be eaten.

  • For evening light appetite {5:00 p.m} :

You can also eat peanut butter, juice, banana shake or sandwich.

  • Dinner {dinner 8 p.m. From 9 p.m} :

You can also have a midday diet for dinner.

After 1 hour of eating, drink full cream milk and sleep.

  • Note :

You can easily increase your weight by following the above weight gain tips for females.

Find out how slim skinny women gain weight

Slender(slim) girls have to be ridiculed every day in front of someone. If the body is fat then the problem and if the body is thin then more problems than that. Neither the clothes fit nor the figure looks attractive on lean girls.

Skinny girls should pay more attention to their food if they want to increase their weight. This is to say that if they stop junk food outside and eat homemade food then it will increase metabolism and will also be healthy. At the same time, your weight will also increase.

Every girl wants to be fit, but some girls do not gain weight even if they want to. But by eating healthy food and with the help of home remedies, the reducing weight can be increased easily. Doctors advise girls to gain weight, who are underweight for a long time, because in such a situation, girls may also have many health problems.

According to experts, people who have hypothyroid tend to lose weight. Wrong eating, inversely eating time or not choosing food properly is the main reason for their leanness. Not only this, girls who are often in stress and who are anemic, their body also becomes lean. In such a situation, underweight girls need to take a healthy diet to gain weight.

You can gain weight by eating these things :

  • Potato :

Potato is such a vegetable, so it proves to be very good for girls to gain weight. It contains plenty of carbohydrates and sugar, which gives healthy fat. So if you also want to end your leanness then eat a salad of cooked or grilled potato daily, use potatoes in sandwiches or any other type of food, this will definitely increase your weight in a few days.

  • Almond :

If you want your figure to be maintained, then almonds should be eaten. By consuming it, you will get strength and the calcium and phosphorus present in almonds will also increase your weight. For this, soak 12 almonds daily at night and peel and grind them after getting up in the morning and mix one spoon of butter and sugar in it and eat it with hot milk.

  • Increase your calories :

We all know that more calories are responsible for increasing obesity. So if you want to increase your weight, then eat food that has a lot of calories. More than 250 calories are needed every day to gain weight quickly. If you want, you can consume meat, bread, lentils, dry fruits, carrots, broccoli, French beans, rice and nuts in good quantity for more calories.

  • Fat Rich Diet :

Fat-rich food helps strengthen your muscles and also helps in the production of hormones like testosterone in your body. Not only this, fat-rich food increases the metabolic rate, which causes bad fat to come out of the body and the body absorbs good fat. The fat you will find in nuts, green vegetables, salmon, avocado oil and many seeds.

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