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How to overcome Irritability and Anger 2020


Today you will know in this article. For what reasons, irritability and anger are constantly increasing in the younger generation. With this, what problems do they have to face? And what should we do to reduce it?

Nowadays the mood of the people gets disturbed on small matters. If there is no call from any person. So let’s throw away mobile phones. Or do not meet the side while driving. So the person gets upset and angry for a while and horns. At the same time quarreling in the house for small things. This increases the distance of your own people.

Some effective measures and easy ways to reduce children’s anger, due to which parents remain very distressed and worried about their children. They have to suffer a lot of mental distress, many parents are unable to control their child’s anger properly. And he himself gets angry. When children get angry, they start crying. There are some easy ways you can adopt to overcome the anger of children.


Table of Contents

  • Know the reasons for increasing irritability and anger
  • Social media
  • TV and mobile phone usage
  • PUBG Game
  • Over debt
  • Thinking about the past
  • Lack of sleep
  • No job
  • Spend more than earning
  • Work-load
  • Symptoms of irritability and anger
  • Body effects
  • Avoid irritability and anger
  • Tips to reduce children’s anger.


Know the reasons for increasing irritability and anger:


As time changes, the person is becoming more and busier. Time is getting very expensive for him. Along with this, irritability and anger are also increasing in him. Due to which,


Social media:

It has as much benefit. There is an equal loss. Nowadays everyone is using social media. If any kind of work is possible on social media. Using it for a long time has a very bad effect on the person and children. Due to which it is possible to get irritable and angry.


TV and mobile phone usage:

Often we see. That children keep watching mobile phones and TV for a long time. Due to which their mental and physical health is severely affected. And the feeling of children becomes angry and irritable.


PUBG Game:

The main reason for children’s irritability and anger. PUBG game. If a child or person is addicted to playing this game. So that game becomes everything for him. He does not know anything of night and day. He can stay hungry. But this does not leave the game. This reduces their memory power. And the light of the eyes has a very profound effect.


Over debt:

When a person takes a generous amount of money for any business or other work. And he is unable to give it when the time comes. So his attitude changes. He starts worrying. When a person talks to him. So, he becomes melancholy. Yani, his temper, becomes irritable and angry.


Thinking about the past:

When a sudden major accident occurs in a family. So the family members are very poor at that time. But after the passage of time. At some point, remembering the same thing will have a profound effect on one’s health and mind. The person’s temperament becomes irritable and angry. He does not like to talk or work.


Lack of sleep:

When a person or child is not fully asleep. Or suddenly wake up at bedtime. In such a situation, there is a lot of anger. And the mind becomes a bit irritable.


No job:

If a boy or girl has done well. And yet, he does not get a job. So it has a profound effect on his body and mind. He is also likely to be irritable and angry. His confidence staggers.


Spend more than earning:

The person whose income is less and expenses are more. So he works very hard to fulfill them. But even then, he is not able to meet his and his family’s needs. Due to which his attitude becomes irritable and angry.



A person’s work-load related to his or her business or office – more. In such a situation, it is possible for the person to get upset. Due to this reason, a person’s attitude can be irritable and angry.


Symptoms of irritability and anger:


  • When a person or a young man starts getting intoxicated.
  • When there are rapid changes in one’s behavior. Irritability and anger begin to increase. Or start saying abusive words.
  • There were changes in eating and sleeping habits. So be careful.
  • The person appears anxious and sad all the time.
  • His physical and mental health remains unhealthy.


How will anger and irritability affect the body?


  • An angry person is intoxicated in uncontrolled ways and amounts.
  • Repeated anger decreases the pumping capacity of the heart.
  • Due to which the muscles of the heart begin to weaken. Heart – Attache increases risk.
  • Many hormones, including adrenaline, noradrenaline, become angry at increasing levels.
  • People who get angry at small things. They start having heart, kidney failure, and digestive problems.
  • The color of the face becomes red due to repeated anger. This can cause skin problems like pimples.
  • High headaches, migraines, high blood pressure, imbalance of testosterone hormone, infertility, nothing good – do not feel like problems arise.


Try all this to remove anger and irritability:


  • Play at least one hour with children. And talk to them.
  • One should continue to interact with loved ones and relatives.
  • Introduce children to grandparents and grandparents.
  • Save the child from fatal, violent serials and movies on TV.
  • When children are malnourished. So increasing irritability and anger is natural. It is important to recognize children from time to time.
  • Children learn more from their surroundings. When parents or other people fight. So children also have that effect.
  • Care should also be taken on catering.
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner should be at all three times.
  • Seasonal fruits, vegetables, and antioxidant-rich foods should be eaten more.
  • Use vitamin B12 and B12 in food.
  • Drink plenty of water. Don’t stay hungry for a long time.
  • Use social media sparingly.
  • Pranayam and yoga must be done daily.
  • Never, ever, keep thinking negatively.
  • Always do the work that you do with honesty and passion.



Tips to reduce children’s anger :


There can be many reasons for anger among children, for this, every parent should try to find out the reason for their child’s anger. There are some easy and effective ways to reduce children’s anger by which parents can help children to reduce their anger.


  1. Keep yourself calm and give your child time:

Parents should never reduce their pension levels. Whenever the children get angry, instead of getting angry themselves, try to keep calm. Remember that when you are tired after a day’s fatigue, then small Children get angry on this matter too. Children learn what they see. That is why give time to children.


  1. Avoid behaving yourself aggressively:

Anytime a child makes a mistake, it should be avoided. If you take a violent approach to improve children, then instead of improving the child, you are making them even angrier. That is why children should always be treated with love.


  1. Teach children to control anger:

Whenever a child gets angry, he should be taught to control his anger. Through your behavior, you should teach the children how to control anger.


  1. Teach the child to behave well:

Teach your child to behave well. In which situations should be taught how to behave. Also tell how to behave with your elders and small ones.


  1. Never ignore children:

It has been seen many times that children start to get angry to draw attention to themselves, when the children feel that they are being ignored then they get angry and try to draw attention to themselves. Give them plenty of time to protect their children from angry.


  1. Try to find out the reason for anger:

First and foremost, when your child is angry, then try to know the reason for his anger, if you know the reason for anger, then you will be able to decide how to treat the child.


  1. When angry, keep the attention of children on the other side:

Whenever the child gets angry, take him out somewhere and try to show his attention. Or try to direct the child to his attention by giving him a book or a toy.


  1. Give the child some snacks:

Sometimes the child gets angry due to hunger, so in such a situation, give him tasty snacks or his favorite food. You can give healthy snacks like peanut butter crackers, boiled eggs, etc. for the child so that he also gets energy.


  1. Motivate children to exercise and sports:

This is the best way to calm anger in children. Exercise and participation in sports reduce the anger of children. Exercise and meditation provide peace of mind.


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