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Heart Diseases and Heart Attack problems in Women.

Hello Friends, My name is Anjali Arora. Welcome, all of you in your healthy blog of a healthy lifestyle. Today we are going to talk about heart diseases.

Today we will talk about how heart problems are increasing in our society. In today’s time, anyone can get heart disease because any person who starts taking tension after taking a small talk or thinking more about anything, they can only get such diseases.

According to a survey, out of 1000 people, 272 people die of heart disease and in India, more people die due to heart disease.

Do you know about this disease well or are you living in a misunderstanding that there is no risk from this disease and you are absolutely safe? No need to panic, you will get some help through this article and you will get to know about this disease.


What is Heart diseases?


This disease refers to a disease that is related to our heart, it can cause a lot of damage to the heart and can increase the diseases related to the heart.

Normally people start taking the symptoms of heart disease lightly and think that there is normal chest pain or Normal Symptoms which will be due to acidity but it does not happen sometimes these mistakes of starting increase the disease greatly. It gives and later on it can threaten human life.

Many people think that when a heart attack occurs, it is first detected that there is severe chest pain, but sometimes it does not happen. Many times it happens that a person gets an attack suddenly and no one seems to have a clue.

But due to poor lifestyle, increasing workload and an unhealthy diet, this problem can happen to anyone. Affects both the housewife and the working woman equally.


Heart Diseases in Women’s: Heart Attacks

Heart disease is often considered a disease of men, but the number of women dying every year is more than men.

It is believed that heart-related diseases are more for women than men because the endurance strength in women is less than men.

Women are more weak and emotional than the heart, so they think more than the heart instead of using the mind. It should be treated as soon as possible.

But most of the men take every decision from their own mind, but there are also some men whose heart is weak, emotionally there are many weeks, so they too may have heart diseases.

A heart attack occurs in a person when the flow of oxygen-rich blood in the heart starts decreasing slowly. It is believed that heart failure is a chronic condition due to which the muscles inside the heart become weak and the heart that performs the pump’s activity in the blood starts to decrease.


Symptoms and Sign of Heart Attack in Women’s:

It is a different matter that the symptoms found in women can be different from the symptoms of men. The good thing is that women can take steps to understand the unique symptoms of heart diseases and can begin to reduce their risk.

Whenever women go to the doctor, their heart is damaged to a great extent, because they do not take these symptoms seriously and often ignore them and keep increasing the risk of heart, so anyone with such symptoms If there is a complaint, immediately go to the hospital and in such a situation, do not drive the car yourself, rather take help from someone.

  • Pain or tightness or any kind of movement around the chest or around it.
  • Sometimes even shortness of breath.
  • The feeling of dizziness, malaise or vomiting.
  • Strange anxiety in the mind.

In early-stage women do not have such terrible pain as in attack. So she only takes it lightly. Blockage not only in the main of women but also in those small arteries, which works to reach the blood directly to the heart. This condition is known as Small Artery Heart Disease or it is called Microvesicular Disease.


Specific causes of disease in women:

There are some reasons that play a common role in making women heart patients. Today we will talk about this.

  • Mental stress:-

Mental stress and depression affect the heart of women more than men, it also makes difficulty in treatment. So if you have symptoms of depression, contact your doctor.

  • Smoking:-

Smoking puts women at risk of the heart rather than men because in today’s time some women smoke or if someone is smoking around them, their heart is affected.

  • Menopause:- 

Lowering estrogen levels after menopause also increases the risk of cardiovascular heart disease in small blood vessels.

  • Hereditary:-

Although women of all ages should take heart diseases seriously, this disease can bother women under the age of 75 who have a family history of this disease.


Important things to be noted about Heart Diseases:

  1. Exercise 30 to 60 mints daily.
  2. Weight should always be kept under control.
  3. Do not smoke.
  4. Salt and low-fat food should be eaten.
  5. The easiest message to avoid is a heart attack and do not let it stop you. If you can reduce all this then you will never have a heart attack
  6. . And your heart will always be healthy. By controlling the factors that cause heart diseases adequately, a child can be killed by a heart attack.


Important things related to cholesterol for women:

How about your cholesterol? If you are healthy then you probably do not know. The new survey has shown that women are often unaware of the dangers of heart diseases, especially when the issue is about cholesterol management, but ignorance of this type is not a boon.

The main reason is the blocking of the artery or the closure of the veins which begin at the age of 20,30 and 40 and only then the cholesterol level is warning you. So here are 5 things which women should know about cholesterol right now.


If cholesterol levels are high?

LDL (Low-Density Leo Protein) to Bad Cholesterol. It is also called and it causes heart disease because it gets frozen in the artery which causes it to stop.
Whereas good cholesterol or HDL (high-density Leo protein) works to remove this layer. This means that high doses of LDL and low amounts of HDL surface double kill are dangerous.


Know why doctors sometimes do not understand the problems?

The doctors still have not received the order that women need to control cholesterol. It is known from these researches that doctors monitor and control cholesterol less in women than men, even when women There is a greater risk. One of the reasons for this problem is that most women only go to the gynecologist.

  • Numbers also create confusion:-

Experts say that the role of good and bad cholesterol is often not properly understood. HDL and CDL independently indicate how much women are at risk of a heart attack. It is seen in women that there is an attack on having high HDL even when their CDL was also high and low CDL and low HDL are also attacked.

  • You may need an inflammation test:-

The mathematics that predicts heart disease can be a bit confusing. If your LDL exceeds the danger limit (160) or if your HDL falls below 50, then the math says that you have a higher risk of a heart attack in the next 10 years, but this warning will reduce your risk after 10 years. Can. You may not see this type of inflammation, but it is actually an independent way of measuring the risk of a heart attack. You can measure it by doing high-sensitivity C-reactive and protein tests along with routine cholesterol check-ups.


Things to note: Heart diseases

Certain classes of food chemicals can actively reduce bad cholesterol. You just need to pay special attention to your food.

  1. Drink more water.
  2. Take a low-fat diet, reduce the use of oil-ghee.
  3. Have a breakfast of sprouted grains.
  4. Drink whey in the afternoon.
  5. In the morning on an empty stomach, consume one spoon of honey in a glass of warm water.
  6. Must consume garlic and onion (Chop in the form of chutney or whole 4-5 kernels.)
  7. In Ayurveda, the bark of Arjuna is considered best for heart and high cholesterol. You can take powder of this powder with one to one teaspoon of hot water every day or you can drink it by making tea or decoction or you can take it from the market.
  8. Eat fresh curd in food.


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