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The Fitness of Women: Top 10 Indian fitness Models

Hello friends, my name is Anjali Arora. Welcome, all of you to my blog today. So friends today we will talk about the fitness of Women in India.

As you all know how important fitness is in our lives and how important it is for any human being to stay fit. Today we will talk about how much people are becoming serious about being fit in India and in our India especially women are more serious than fitness.

Today we will talk about how women in India are on top of their health and how they come in the top fitness of women in India. 

By the way, in our India, Bollywood actresses think more about their body and do everything to stay fit like gym, yoga, dieting, etc. Today we will tell you about all top fit models.

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Fitness Of Women in India :

Fitness of Women is very important part for them in India. It is not that our Indian frameless is behind in terms of fitness, in today’s time you will always get frameless ahead and at the same time you go to any gym, girls are always there.

Fitness is an important part of our life. If we take care of our health and remain fit, then we do not have any disease or discomfort.

Nowadays girls in India pay more attention to their obesity and keep themselves fit. Some girls do diet normally but at the time of their marriage, they become more diet conscious.

Like if we talk about you, if you are a girl and you are going to get married, then at this time you will be more serious about your health.

It is not that boys do not pay attention to their health or fitness. Some boys think to be more fit than girls and go to the gym daily and pay full attention to their bodies.

But in this post today, we are talking about the fitness of special girls, so we focus on girl’s fitness only. Today we will talk about the top models of India which always takes care of their health and is always fit and fine.


Fitness tips for Women :

Today I am going to tell you about some special fitness tips for women. After following those, a housewife of a common woman i.e. a housewife can also become a fitness queen.

I will gave you tips because Fitness of women and awareness of fitness is very necessary.

  • Make yourself active throughout the day :

It is better to make your day active by making your day lazy and always active to do everything.

  • Store healthy food in your home :

It is better to eat fried and useless food outside and cook it at home and eat as much healthy food as possible.

  • Customize Your Own Exercise :

Make a pattern of doing your own daily exercise and take 20 mints or half an hour daily and follow the pattern of your unique exercise.

  • Stop using refined carbohydrates :

Keep yourself fit as much as possible and stop refining it in food and use desi ghee or fermented mustard oil.

  • Make yourself flexible :

To make yourself flexible, make a habit of getting up on the ground and sit, bend or work. This flexibility will bring into your body. Go to the gym whenever you want. Do workouts in the right gym for half an hour.


Top 10 Indian fitness Women’s :

How Fitness of Women in India is Important, You will find out today in my guide post.


Ankita Singh :

Ankita Singh

She is in top models of fitness in India. She is an actress who appeared in National tv serials and short films as flatmates 2019. She is a Software developer, a fitness model, and a body-builder also.

Ankita Singh has told in many interviews that when she was studying in engineering college, she fell in love with a boy and due to some reasons both of them had a breakup and due to this, Ankita went into depression and Then she started gyming and made herself fit.

Ankita Singh is very possesive about her fitnesss. She believes that fitness of women in India is important.


Kalyani Capadia :

Kalyani Capadia

Kalyani ji is known as the iron lady in the fitness industry believes in the leading example. Kalyani believes that her husband is behind her success.

She considers him to be her motivator. Her husband is her power and her husband’s is  CEO is K11 fitness former kabaddi player & personal trainer.

Kalyani Ji says that her husband believes in female power and she says that girls should marry the same boy who believes in becoming a physical strongman.


Pooja Makhija :

Pooja Makhija

She is well known as a Nutritionist and clinical dietitian by profession. People also know Pooja through television shows., She is also the author of Eat delete and Pooja Makhija show on the food food channel.

They believe that whatever you eat to eat without worrying, but pay little attention to the quantity so that you do not overload yourself by eating too much. This will harm your body.

And the most important thing is that food should always be eaten at the right time, lest you eat it at the wrong time and it should not be digested.


Rujuta Diwekar :

Rujuta Diwekar
Rujuta Diwekar is a Celebrity nutritionist and author. She belongs to a typical Maharashtrian family.

After her graduation, she started to study Yoga in post-graduation. She is on her way of Supports science and Nutrition.

She has attached many stars name Alia Bhatt, Anil Ambani, Varun Dhawan and more.

She was a successful author of seven books and she is the first Indian blogger on the Indian scene.

Rujuta got many awards in her journey, like an award for nutrition, 35 achievers of India and change-makers of Mumbai and many more.


Shalini Bhargava :

Shalini Bhargava

She is the Fitness Director of Jg’s fitness center. She has been working in the fitness industry for the last 20 years. She is also a Bollywood fitness trainer.

In reality, he has fulfilled his childhood dream. And they have a lot of knowledge about health and fitness.

She knows Zumba, Aerobic, Yoga, Masala bhangra, Supports performance, nutrition and physical therapy, personal trainer and many more. She is holding a post-graduate diploma in business management.


Shweta Mehta :

Shweta Mehta

She started studying in the engineering field. She started her journey as a bikini athlete. She belongs to a very small city

Shweta started her career in a bikini athlete as you know she loves a small family, so she had some difficulty in fulfilling her dream and was unable to get family support in the beginning.

She also won the winner in Roadies and has participated in several shows apart from this. Her dream starts as fitness clothing.


Shweta Rathore :

Shweta Rathore

She achieved hattrick at the miss India sports physique championship in 2015,2016 and 2017. She is an engineer by profession.

Shweta used to bunk classes to win only the Miss Fitness World 2014. She helped other women learn body-building and started her own brand called Fitness Forever.


Shwetambari Shetty :

Shwetambari Shetty

She came to Bengaluru from a small town and she started his career in banking with HSBC as a client servicing manager and It took her a long time to become a manager.

After a long time job of seven years in the corporate field, finally, she offered a job in a fitness club. She is one of India’s finest fitness experts in India.

She started the Tribe fitness club with her partner as a co-founder. Along with being a business-woman, there is also a Zumba master trainer.


Sonali Swami :

Sonali Swami

She is one of the inspiring women builders in India. At the age of 37, Sonali started lifting weights and realizes that there is no age to work.

Sonali won the fit factor competition in 2014 and in 2016, she wins bronze at the WBBF Asian championship. She is a trained Kathak dancer and athlete also.

At the age of 47, she became a mother of two children and also the successful and fittest instructor with only 60kg weight.


Yasmin Karachi :

Yasmin Karachi

She was born in the USA but she is an Indian fitness trainer. She started her career with a fitness studio in Mumbai.

Yasmin is the founder of a very popular ‘body image’ fitness studio as well as author. She started her fitness life at a very small age of18 years by going to the gym on his friend’s encouragement.

One day Yasmin’s fitness trainer offered Yasmin that she could take her place and she could work as a trainer in her place and Yasmin accepted her offer and started her teaching trainer experience.

She got the ‘Best fitness award’ in 2013.

Why Fitness of Women in important in India?

The Fitness of women is not only in India but also in the entire country. Because in today’s time every single woman takes great care of her fitness and health.

For those who do not have awareness about fitness, I just say that you should take care of your fitness.

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I hope all the women’s will understand that how much fitness is important for us, If you like my Post, you can read and share my guidepost

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